Aeronautical Engineering Design,
Certification And Consulting Services

GSAero is an Aviation Engineering and Management Consultancy, specialising in providing airline engineering and certification services. These services include the design and approval of aircraft modifications and repairs and the initial design of aircraft components across all engineering disciplines. We also hold significant experience in design and certification projects, including the integration of cabin interior reconfigurations and IFE modifications.

Our Services

Design and Approval of Repairs and Modifications

CASR Part 21M -
  • Structures
  • Systems & Equipment (Mechanical)
  • Systems & Equipment, Limited (Electrical, Systems, Radio)
  • Software (Level E)
CAANZ Part 146 -
  • Structures (Class A)
  • Avionics (Class B)
Design Support for:
  • Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs)
  • Australian Parts Manufacture Approval (APMA)
  • One-off Production Certificates (One-off PCs)
Weight Control Authority:
  • Fixed Wing Aircraft up to 240 tonne


GSAero hold STC's for Australian and New Zealand operators

Cabin Reconfigurations:
  • Business Class Seating Installations
  • Interior Monument Installation
  • Cabin Upgrades
Avionics Installations:
  • Wireless Inflight Entertainment Systems
  • SATCOM and GNSS Installs
  • T-Ped Testing
  • EFB Installations​
  • In-seat and Flightdeck Power Installs
Exterior Livery:
  • Paint drawings, detail design and product specification
  • Large scale decal installations


GSAero provides in-service repairs and modifications to all Part 25 aircraft

We have specific experience with:
  • All Boeing and Airbus models
  • Embraer, Fokker, DHC-8 and ATR's
Our engineers have decades of combined experience, with major OEM's such as Boeing and Airbus:
  • Initial Design and Production (A330/A340, A350, A380, A400M & B787)
  • Product Support & In-service Repair Support (Airbus and Boeing)
  • Interior component design and analysis
Structural specialities include:
  • Finite Element and Classical Analysis
    of all structure including PSE's
  • Fatigue & Damage Tolerance
  • Interior Regulatory Compliance

Weight & Balance

GSAero's Weight and Balance Officers control the Empty Weight and Fleet Weight programmes for a number of operators around Australia.

Weigh licences for all fixed wing aircraft under 240,000kg and specific aircraft over that weight.

Issue and control weigh configuration checklists and procedures.:
  • Conduct on-site weighing as required
  • Issue of load control data sheets
More extensive W&B services are available as required.


For all general enquiries, please contact:

  +61 7 3139 1464

For all AOG and repair enquiries, please contact both:

  +61 7 3139 1464